Investment Properties

We work investors and property managers to keep their rental properties well maintained, presentable, and marketable, both inside the property and out. We have years of experience in preparing properties for new tenants, and we can deal with the high volume that turnover demands.
Are you the type who needs a pro-active, communicative contractor who will take care of any and all maintenance needs without hesitation? Are you someone who doesn’t want to be pestered with every small issue that arises, who wants to set it and forget it, except for when it might cost for than $150? We can handle that role!
Or are you the type who wants to be more involved in the maintenance, who needs a contractor who can work within budget constraints and will communicate the repairs to you for authorization before moving forward? Do you want the property to simply stay presentable and in working order, maximizing your rental income? We can handle that role, too!
We can handle both the interior and exterior maintenance of your investment property, ranging from complete landscape maintenance to weekly mowing, from light bulb replacement to light fixture installation, and from garbage disposal service to repairing leaks. We can handle your tenant’s requests, scheduling the repair, and billing appropriately, all at no extra cost.

Please remember, no project is too small for Monitor Property Works. Call or email for a quote!