Home Owners

Do you have a furnace filter that needs replacing? Or an outlet that hasn’t worked in years? Maybe you have a list of smaller repairs that you’ve been trying to fix for a while. A leaky faucet here, a rotten deck board there, a hole in the wall, a missing door stopper, or bifold closet doors that aren’t working right—we can handle each and every repair job that you haven’t had the time to address.
Or maybe you’ve been thinking about remodeling your bathroom, and your wondering what it might cost. Whether you want to tear everything out and start from scratch, or you only want to replace the vanity or tub, or you only want the shower re-tiled, we will provide quality work at competitive prices for all scopes of work.
During the warmer months, we also can fully service any of your landscaping needs. Are you looking for an affordable weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing? Or maybe you only need help with spring and fall cleanup. We clean gutters, we trim trees and shrubs, we can weed, feed, and fertilize your lawn. Here are some other complaints we frequently deal with:
  • Dead or bare spots in grass
  • Sprinkler start-up and winterization, leaking valves, valves stuck on
  • Trees with low-hanging limbs, limbs extending onto the roof, overgrown bushes that need trimming
  • The lawn needs seeding or over-seeding
  • The gutters and downspouts are clogged and need one-time or yearly cleaning

Please remember, no project is too small for Monitor Property Works. Call or email for a quote!