Realtors + Property Managers

Do you have a list of inspection correction items that are holding back the closing of your sale? You can hand us the entire list and we can give you an itemized estimate for the cost to repair each item.
Since our office is in close proximity to a major real estate agency here in Boulder, we are experienced in working with agents to complete inspection repairs within tight time constraints, helping them tie up loose ends in closing a sale. 
Is your property management portfolio becoming too large and time consuming to take care of all of the maintenance needs yourself? We can be the maintenance point of contact for any and all of your tenants.
We work closely with property management companies to keep their tenants happy with their rental and their owners happy with their statements. The delicate balance between a tenant who’s satisfied with the amount of care and attention provided, and an owner who’s satisfied with their bottom line, is a fine line that we’ve spent years successfully treading.

Please remember, no project is too small for Monitor Property Works. Call or email for a quote!